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A College Visit Checklist Just for Parents

Students aren’t the only ones who need checklists when it comes to college visits. After all, parents are often the ones footing the bill for the trip, the tuition, the room and board, or other costs associated with college, and they should get some important and useful information from the visit as well. Our parent college visit checklist can help. ... Read More »

Why TLU Is One Of The Top 4-Year Colleges In Texas

There are many 4-year colleges in Texas. As the second-biggest state in the union, we have more than 70 universities, both public and private, within our state lines. If you’re a junior or senior at a Texas high school, having so many schools to choose from can be overwhelming, and you may be wondering things like whether you should go ... Read More »

4 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Apply For College Online

Modern technology has made applying for college easier than it used to be. Thanks to the Internet, you can now forgo all the tedious forms and handwritten essays and instead apply for college online easily from the comfort of your own home, which is a good option, especially for students applying to numerous colleges at a time. It can help ... Read More »