Another Game in the ASC

Hello Bulldogs,

Today is September 22, 2011, the official start of the autumn season, and we already feel change circling around ourselves not only in the dramatic change of weather, -i say that because after practicing in a 100 degree weather you can really tell the difference when it’s really hot and when it’s not- but we get the sense of something is about to change here in the soccer team: We’re fixing to get our first win of the season against East Texas Baptist University: But first we had to travel six hours to Longview Texas. The long drive is almost not even worth mentioning because after sitting in place for that long you start hating you’re self and everything that has to do with the ride. It’s very uncomfortable. Ridiculously uncomfortable actually. You take a pillow to hopefully get comfortable and fall asleep, but that doesn’t work. You move and move looking for that comfortable position, yet you fail and you’re stuck awake. You take your homework to hopefully get some work in and that fails too. You hardly got room to move you’re pencil around and on top of that you’re pencil shakes uncontrollably from the bus moving , it makes your handwriting look like that of a first grader.  On top of everything the person in front of you decides to lean back leaving you with no leg room at all; you feel trapped. So you’re stuck wide awake in a uncomfortable position with nothing to do but to watch some okay movies that someone decided to bring. No disrespect, you’re glad that they brought movies but you’re a little a bit upset at the fact that that’s not the movie you would like to watch. You’re stuck listening to you’re i pod on full blast because you don’t want to listen to the movie, but all that noise in you’re ear is too much for you to bear. It almost makes you sad, but somehow you have to find a way to endure the long drive. The whole idea about traveling six hours to away to play another school is great. You’re all packed ready to go and we’re all dressed up in school Polos, kaki shorts, and running shoes, the girls are in their sweats and a very nice bulldog soccer t shirt .We look very presentable ,professional and we get treated very professionally too. Although this all nice, you wish you could just fast forward to game time and skip everything in between.

As for the game: This new opportunity to start fresh start and another chance at winning couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve had a good week of practice and I feel like the team is finally going to link the pieces together on game day, and give this young team a taste of what a win feels like in this conference. They really say that there’s nothing better than the first one and we’re just waiting to see what that feels like.  This first win is going to change how we approach every training session and every game because we finally have small taste of winning  and we now would know what it takes to win. We’re going to have that extra motivation to keep on grinding out wins because the feeling of winning is just something special. The feeling of accomplishment is great, when you look back and you notice all the hard work you put in to win you feel like you’re on top of the world, people respect you and on top of that nobody can take that feeling away. After experiencing what losing feels like time after time, you get tired  of it and that’s why it feels like things are about to change. My coach and teammates are tired of losing, it’s the worst feeling in the world, i think we finally understand that. I can’t stand it. As a competitor of the game there’s nothing worse than losing and something needs to change. Like the dramatic change in weather, i feel like our attitudes around the team have changed dramatically, as we anxiously wait for game time here  in our hotel room.  We’re all hyped up for kick off time, and can’t wait to put the work in on the field. I’m excited to see my teammates- my new family-  play  their hearts out  with me cause i know  I’m definitely leaving my heart out on the field.

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