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Top Universities in Texas: A Basic Financial Aid Checklist

If you’re hoping to attend one of the top universities in Texas, then chances are you’ll need some financial help. To attend the Lone Star State’s best schools, tuition ranges anywhere from a few thousand dollars a semester to upwards of $50,000! When you add in costs for books, housing, food and more, an undergraduate education can start to add ... Read More »

What Can You Do with a Chemistry Degree?

If you’re interested in science, then chemistry can be a great major to pursue while attending college. Classes may be challenging and lab work may be grueling at times, but once you graduate, you’ll be rewarded. A chemistry degree opens doors to a number of great careers and job opportunities, and many of them come with a pretty hefty paycheck. ... Read More »

Transferring Between 4-year Colleges in Texas

Despite all the research and college visits, sometimes a school just doesn’t work out for a student. Maybe it’s not a good fit academically, the finances don’t work out, or the social environment is not what the student was looking for. When things aren’t working out, regardless of the reason, it’s time to consider transferring schools. While transferring may sound ... Read More »

Should You Consider Christian Universities in Texas?

In Texas, there’s no shortage of colleges and universities to choose from. In fact, there are nearly 100 unique schools within the Lone Star State’s boundaries. The options are almost endless – you can go for a large state school or a small private school, you can find a school in a big city or a small town, and you ... Read More »

A College Visit Checklist Just for Parents

Students aren’t the only ones who need checklists when it comes to college visits. After all, parents are often the ones footing the bill for the trip, the tuition, the room and board, or other costs associated with college, and they should get some important and useful information from the visit as well. Our parent college visit checklist can help. ... Read More »