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Last Week of the Season

My Inspiration “I Wish Somebody Made Guidelines on How to Get Up Off the Sidelines” – The Sideline Story The Perfect example of someone working hard to get to the top and accomplishing what they really want. Today Monday October 24, 2011 was the last Monday of the soccer season. It’s crazy how time goes by, all of a sudden ... Read More »

Top 3 Things to Follow in Order to Succeed in College.

This week in English Comp our teacher, Professor Barry, assigned us our next assignment. To organize a well written six page essay on What It Takes To Succeed in College. Yes you read that right six pages! How could someone have the heart to assign such a task?. To some of us that seems unfair, but it’s part of this ... Read More »

Home is Where the Heart is

This weekend wasn’t the best weekend on the soccer level of things because we dropped two more games in the conference. There’s so much that needs to get fixed and hopefully we find a way to figure it out, because right now it’s not fun losing like this. We need a win but before that we have to figure out ... Read More »

Another Game in the ASC

Hello Bulldogs, Today is September 22, 2011, the official start of the autumn season, and we already feel change circling around ourselves not only in the dramatic change of weather, -i say that because after practicing in a 100 degree weather you can really tell the difference when it’s really hot and when it’s not- but we get the sense ... Read More »

Real commitment

If you’ve been reading my previous blog posts you’ve probably noticed a lot of references to a strong commitment. I find that a lot of the people around me, including myself, have trouble making a ‘real’ commitment. Committing yourself to something isn’t as easy as it sounds; in fact if you think it’s easy, then this article is for you ... Read More »

So much time, what to do?

Well as I find myself with a load more time on my hands, I also found myself catching up on some sleep deprivation that I’ve accrued recently.., and of-course my video game deprivation. But I realized that this soon was not the best plan of action. With all of this free time to play Call of Duty and sleep one ... Read More »