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4 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Apply For College Online

Modern technology has made applying for college easier than it used to be. Thanks to the Internet, you can now forgo all the tedious forms and handwritten essays and instead apply for college online easily from the comfort of your own home, which is a good option, especially for students applying to numerous colleges at a time. It can help ... Read More »


We have all worked hard all semester long, and now comes our reckoning known as Finals. I encourage my fellow students to not see this as just meeting the standards and rules of your professors, but making it a time to set and meet your own goals. Make a goal for yourself, doing something to meet another persons goal for ... Read More »

XpressFest ’13

Hey everybody XpressFest ’13 is tonight at 7:30. There will be show-casings of short plays and films from Dramatic Media artists, all of it new work from the past year. An awesome fact is if you have professors giving you credit for SAS events, XpressFest applies, so come watch the entertainment. Come cry the tears and laugh the laughs at ... Read More »

SAS is on its way…

That title makes me feel like this post is meant to be a sassy post or as if I’m about to get sassy, but only the progression of writing this post will tell. However, to all of our new freshman, you shall find that it means something else entirely. SAS stands for Student Academic Symposium, and it is just around ... Read More »

Studies Show That Smashing Drywall Helps Relieve Stress

Okay so maybe I just made that title without any sources to support me. I don’t think there are any studies about smashing drywall and stress relief. My English Composition professor would be so upset with me. However, I am using my own personal experience, so now it’s just the words “studies show that” that are false. I’m sure all ... Read More »