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We have all worked hard all semester long, and now comes our reckoning known as Finals. I encourage my fellow students to not see this as just meeting the standards and rules of your professors, but making it a time to set and meet your own goals. Make a goal for yourself, doing something to meet another persons goal for ... Read More »

Behind The Lens: Creating A Career From Your Passion

When I decided to go full-time three years later there were so many things I had to consider. Insurance, taxes, budgeting, cutting cost, marketing, and so much more whirled around in my head constantly and many challenges arose.  The best advice I was given was to network, network , network. To me everyone is a potential client. How I represent ... Read More »

The Job Hunt…

With a sound resume at my disposal and a knack for producing cover letters, I’ve been churning out applications and stirring up leads for the last couple weeks. It’s a bit insane to say that in just over a month, I will be conferred a bachelor’s degree. I remember to all the hasty changes that came with high school graduation ... Read More »

So long Spring Break!

Today, I celebrate my final Spring Break holiday. Not that I am doing anything particularly outrageous, but I am going to the Rampage game tonight. Spring Break 2011 for me was a week of shifts at Chili’s and quick trip to Houston for a job interview and the Houston Rodeo. I know all of you San Antonio folks are quite ... Read More »

Spring Break!!!???? I WISH!

As I concluded my final Pledge Season with Omega Tau this past weekend, I already feel the nostalgia inherent to the foreboding May 14th rendezvous with reality. I saw many of our Alumni this past weekend, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, others I had seen the weekend before. While enjoying the time I had ... Read More »

what? it’s over?

Well it’s the end for me. I took my last class of my undergraduate education just a few hours ago and I am experiencing mixed emotions. This may be because I still have finals and two reports to finish (EVEN THOUGH ALL MY CLASSES END TODAY!). I think my favorite moment of this memorable day was when this kid named ... Read More »