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Arenal Volcano


After a memorable last night in Sarapique learning to meringa dance with locas, we made our way to the Arenal Volcano. There we enjoyed hot springs, breathtaking hikes, horseback riding and zip lining over 500 feet above the ground. Read More »



A great 3 days in Sarapique, rafting, hiking, and visiting pineapple and cocoa plantation . We are trying new foods, learning the money exchange and practicing Spanish . Read More »

San Jose

San Jose3-1

Greetings from Costa Rica! We spent today in San Jose touring the Saprissa soccer stadium and playing soccer with at-risk teens. Thanks to TLU men’s soccer, Lauren’s high school coach , and some friends from San Marcos, we were able to take 3 bags of balls, jerseys, cones, and cleats to them. Tomorrow, the adventure continues as we travel to ... Read More »

Unexpected Experiences

Have you ever had that trip where everything goes wrong? Well this happened to me and my friends last summer in Central Europe, but obviously this is a common occurrence for me because last weekend was another incidence of my bad luck. If you want to travel in Europe, the key is to get your tickets early. So that is ... Read More »

French Fries… No. Belgium Fries

In America, small thin slices of fried potatoes are French fries. But that’s just what we call them. “French fries are actually not French at all (which was actually a letdown seeing as I love fries and I am experiencing the French culture), they originated in Belgium. I briefly recall learning this fact sometime during my life, but it wasn’t ... Read More »

Tex-Mex in Versailles… Umm???

Last summer when I visited Versailles with my study abroad group, as I was walking out of the train station I noticed a Tex-Mex Restaurant. I was taken back, thinking “Wait, they have Tex-Mex in France.” In all the countries that I have been thus far in my “petit” travels, I have never seen a Tex-Mex restaurant. I have seen ... Read More »