We have all worked hard all semester long, and now comes our reckoning known as Finals. I encourage my fellow students to not see this as just meeting the standards and rules of your professors, but making it a time to set and meet your own goals. Make a goal for yourself, doing something to meet another persons goal for you can be frustrating and stressful, but if you make it a personal goal it becomes that much more important to you to do well. Often I have just gone with the goals my professors wanted me to meet, and I’ve always been somewhat disappointed in my ¬†work then, because I have known that I could go beyond that and do so much more.

In my time here I have learned that many students don’t enjoy overly complex content that they can’t manage to understand no matter how hard they try, but nor do they like the bland, easy, wash over classes that you don’t have to commit to. Many students want to face a challenge, not one that makes them feel hopeless, but on that gives them hope because the content engages them, makes them think proactively. I don’t think I’ve yet faced a class that has made me feel as if anything beyond failure is possible, though I have had my share of stressful classes, but I have had a few wash over ones that have made me feel like a failure even though I passed. What I have learned from them is finding everything I like about that class and committing myself to a higher goal, will make me feel better, and help me to be less disappointed in my work.

Some high schools are about cramming knowledge down your throat, though many are exceptions to that, but college should never make you feel as if you are learning pointless content, that will do nothing for your future. College is personalizing your future to you, it’s about developing yourself into an even stronger, well-rounded person. It teaches you to set your own future goals, that you will meet someday, goals that will help you improve your future. College gives you the chance not only to craft your career, but to craft your vocation, to decide what you want out of life and prepare yourself to accomplish that self-made goal.

Even though finals are stressful, and you do need to meet the goals your professors have set, make it a chance to fulfill your own goals as well, and to go above and beyond.

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