Home is Where the Heart is

This weekend wasn’t the best weekend on the soccer level of things because we dropped two more games in the conference. There’s so much that needs to get fixed and hopefully we find a way to figure it out, because right now it’s not fun losing like this. We need a win but before that we have to figure out everything in between, and right now it feels like there’s so much to try to fix. I can go on rambling about all the things the soccer team can change, and what needs to change on the players part. I can keep talking about every tactical and mental mistake we did as a team and I can tell you about every single mistake I did during the game, but i won’t; you’ll never here the end of it. It upset me so much, but once that was done there was so much else to look forward to. It was the weekend and I was going back home with my family! After not being at home everyday like i used to be, I look forward to the weekend with more I excitment than ever. I get to go home and spend time with my family and my best friends, i miss them like crazy. I used to see them every day and now it’s just one day out of the week if I even have time to go: So I did. I spent saturday night with my friends back home and on Sunday – the best day of the week in my opinion-  i spent the whole day with my lovely family.

Sunday is usually the day for family time. Family dinner, Church, football, BBQs they’re all included in this family day. I’ll tell you something, now that I’m away at college -well only forty five minutes away as I am from San Antonio, Tx-, sunday became my favorite day of the week because it’s the only day I get to be with my family. I think they’ve always been my favorite day, but sometimes i just took  them for granted because i’ll see them everyday of the week so the days were just like any other days. But once  you stop seeing them you value that time and you realize how important it is. For me, because I know there’s so much homework to do on weekends, so I try to  to clear all my homework on Friday and Saturday, so that on Sunday i’ll be able to drive down highway 90 all the way to my house and spend some time with my lovely family.I Love them so much. They’re the only ones i can really count on everyday for the rest of my life. We’re a family of four and sometimes it really feels like it’s just us four against the world. We depend on each other and everything we do is for the good of the family. We’re a small family and we’re gonna stay together till the end of time; We’re all we got. Let me tell you something about my family. I have a little sister, just a year younger than me, her name is Dariela. Dari for short. I’ve seen her grow up and seen the changes she’s gone through with my very own eyes, It’s crazy seeing her now when I still remember her running around with her in the playground. She’s very outgoing, pretty and smart. Entering her freshmen year she made the biggest decision of her life. She decided to apply for Health Careers High School, one of the mos prestigious high schools in San Antonio where they prepare students to enter into the medicine field. I’m so glad she took on that challenge because I know in the future she will become a very successful person. Then there’s my dad, His name is Rolando just like me. He is one of the hardest working dads you’ll ever meet, he works from sunrise till night time, he’s always working but he’s working and sacrificing for us. He makes sure that nothing is missing at our house and we’re all living comfortably. His hard working attitude is what I admire the most and what I try to mirror in my life because through him I’ve seen that hard work really pays off, so I know that if I work hard and sacrifice now i’ll be able to succeed in life. As for my mom, her name is Elia, it’ll probably be the name of my daughter because her name is pretty unique. But Gosh, I love her so much. She’s so caring and loving, she’s the best mom in the world. She understands me and im glad she does because sometimes I don’t even understand myself at times. I’ll never love a woman more than my mom because my momma deserves all of my heart like how she’s dedicated to give her whole heart to me once I was born. She has given me love and advice my whole life and now that I’m old enough I realize that I am who I am today because of her, so all I want to do know is give the love back and turn out to be successful in life. I know for a fact that my parents would rather see that than anything in the world. My family It’s all i got, and I’m out here getting my education for them. I want to make them proud and I know I will. So, That’s my family, just us against the world.

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