Last Week of the Season

My Inspiration

“I Wish Somebody Made Guidelines on How to Get Up Off the Sidelines” – The Sideline Story

The Perfect example of someone working hard to get to the top and accomplishing what they really want.

Today Monday October 24, 2011 was the last Monday of the soccer season. It’s crazy how time goes by, all of a sudden the season is almost over when I still remember clearly the first day of pre-season. Mondays were always something to look forward in my opinion because it was our time to start fresh and prepare for the next game. With the fact that this season didn’t go our way, the weekend was put aside on monday, for it was time to move on and get ready for our next oppenents. They were the hardest practices of the week, they in involved just about a thirty minute period of technical work- where we fine tune our skills- and then we go into an hour of just fitness. It could be playing a scrimmage with fitness in between, either way mondays are highlighted by  the fitness. Probably hated by everyone on the team, but i took joy in them because it was the time for me to get more fit and be able to keep up with even faster guys on the weekends come game time. To be honest i love the feeling of exhaustion, because i know i gave it my all during every single run coach had us do and that’s the type of player I am. I work and work until can’t but I never admit that I can’t I just keep going. Mondays did alot for me they helped strengthen my character, it was the time to put the bad in the past, and it improved me in all soccer aspects. Intrestingly enough we didn’t have a fitness day today, I’m sure we’ll have it tomorrow, but just how I’ve been working hard since day one tomorrow is no different.

To reflect on this season, besides the wins and the losses or all the times we fell short this season, this season was a learning experience for most of the team. Seven of the starters are freshmen and the rest are first time starters here at TLU. From this experience, We all know what it will take for us to succeed in this conference and what each of us have to improve to become players who will not only will keep up with the rest of the players in this conference, but run past them. We are young and it is a working progress, there’s only one way to go when you’re at the bottom, yet we must be willing to put the work in first. Our work ethic has definitely have to change for next season, it is the only way we will be a successful team in this conference and I hope we all get on the same page for the same goal.  I promise you that next year-my sophomore year- I will be talking about how awesome it felt to win and to keep on winning, if not next year then the next, we have plenty of time with this team. We’ll be at the top soon.

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