Pledge Season Has Arrived!

Hey Bulldogs!

It’s been such a busy back to school for Greek life. We started our pledge season this past Sunday. It was great to see so many young women finding the organization they want to pledge. We were all out their on Bid Day to support each other and the fraternities as well as the sororities had a good number of individuals. We are now working to help these ladies learn about our sisterhood and the traditions and history behind it. I personally love pledge season. It’s hectic for the actives as well as the pledges, but I take great pride in helping our girls learn our history. It refreshes my commitment to my sorority and reminds me of how truly divine and exquisite my sorority is. I  am sure that any Greek can agree with me. They take such pride in their organization because it represents who they are and what they stand for. This month gives them a chance to be mentors and see their organizations grow. The girls pledging get the chance to bond with their pledge class and get to learn more about themselves. It truly is a difficult journey, but in the end it is well worth it. The Exquisite Ladies of SDL would like to wish all the pledges a safe and rewarding journey this pledge season and to all the actives good luck! :) We can’t wait to see if and when all the new girls reppin’ their Greek letters.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sarah Garza

Exquisite Charter #3

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