So much time, what to do?

Well as I find myself with a load more time on my hands, I also found myself catching up on some sleep deprivation that I’ve accrued recently.., and of-course my video game deprivation. But I realized that this soon was not the best plan of action. With all of this free time to play Call of Duty and sleep one would assume that I could more adequately handle my class load; WRONG. It seems that this extra time, currently in excess, makes it too easy to forget about responsibilities. For example I have three hours until I need to start writing that paper, which turns into “uh oh I was supposed to start that paper an hour ago” really quickly. What do I do to fix this?

The answer was simple, eliminate some of that free time by doing something productive and breaking that four hour session into smaller parts that keep my mind thinking about what I have to do. For me I decided to lift weights during this free time. This takes a little over an hour and maybe two hours after I’ve showered and cleaned up. It seems to me when the body gets lazy, the mind follows suit. I can play PS3 for three hours and I won’t think about my homework until it means staying up until 2AM doing it. If I stay active, I tend to remember my responsibilities as well as be more awake when I do them.  This affects the quality of my work as well as the completion.

When the season ended I was riddled with ideas of what to do with my free time and how easy classes would get. But this didn’t happen because I GOT LAZY! When I chose to live complacently my mind and internal schedule did also, resulting in a harder time keeping up with schoolwork. For me lifting weights a portion of that free time did the trick. But it is very difficult to keep up a complacent lifestyle mixed with the responsibilities of college. Time was never the issue. It was always an issue of mindset. I believe thoroughly, and I’ve said this before and I will for the rest of my life: humans are capable of MUCH more that they give themselves credit for. It just requires real commitment.

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