The Job Hunt…

With a sound resume at my disposal and a knack for producing cover letters, I’ve been churning out applications and stirring up leads for the last couple weeks. It’s a bit insane to say that in just over a month, I will be conferred a bachelor’s degree. I remember to all the hasty changes that came with high school graduation and the pure elation, excitement, and enthusiasm that created the score for the summer of 2007. I am a bit apprehensive to say that those same emotions will comprise the musical accompaniment for summer 2011.

I think this will be true only as I am still on the job hunt! I had hoped to know where I would be going by this point in the semester, but I am still hanging in limbo! I have noticed that not all potential employers will respond to inform you of your candidacy status. Its my 11th birthday all over again! I waited diligently, doing everything I thought was right, for Professor Dumbledore’s letter to arrive via owl mail. But, eventually, I caved in and realized I was a muggle. So I guess I owe J.K. Rowling a thanks, not only for the stories, entertainment, and broadening of my vocabulary to include spell names loosely based on Latin and largely impractical for someone of my magical background, but for helping me prepare for the future and accept things that aren’t meant to be. Or possible!

I did however hear back from a recent application; the news was insightful but disappointing. As I figured, and has been passed around multiple times, they are looking for candidates with more professional experience. At least in the theater industry, it seems to be an employers market, where candidates are plentiful and the hiring staff can afford to be picky. But, optimism adequately describes my disposition of late. The word “no” is easier to swallow every time and I have PLENTY of leads. So many in fact, I feel overwhelmed! One of these will surely click and if not, there’s always grad school!  I joke. If only because I know I am NOT ready for that just yet.

Until next time…

Austin Manning

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