Top 3 Things to Follow in Order to Succeed in College.

This week in English Comp our teacher, Professor Barry, assigned us our next assignment. To organize a well written six page essay on What It Takes To Succeed in College. Yes you read that right six pages! How could someone have the heart to assign such a task?. To some of us that seems unfair, but it’s part of this new college level education and in fact i think we should embrace the challenge. The assignment will carry on all the way till the end of the semester, and our final exam grade will be a presentation of our research and essay to a senior English class with the potential to attend college in the fall. I found this assignment really interesting, because i am experiencing  right now what they will be experiencing next fall. Before I start on Professor Barry’s essay thought i’d share three points on what i think it takes to be successful in college based on what I’ve experienced in my few weeks here at TLU.

1) Go to class. Most of what is being reviewed in class will be on the homework and on tests.

2) Now that you’re in class take notes. I repeat take notes. Take notes in class and in you’re assigned readings. They’re not only to review come test time, but it will help you be engaged even more on the lecture or readings and therefore you will remember the material with more ease come test time.

3) Have and follow an Agenda. It will help you manage your time, get your work done and reduce the stress college will bring . It will help you reduce the situations when you realize you have an assignment due the next morning when it’s already late at  night  then you’ll have to stay up and finish homework when you thought you were done with everything. With alot of stress comes less sleeping time, and you don’t want that because the next day all you be thinking  about is how much you rather be in bed than in class, and all of a sudden the class flys by and leaves you behind.

You probably  already heard all these points, but you don’t realize how important they are, and when you do realize them you’re already behind chasing to get back on track. Everyday we could do something to become better students, and I suggest that we don’t ignore all the advice we get on how to deal with the college load and become productive students here at TLU. After all, we’re all here to get our education and to graduate to with a degree.

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