What Can You Do with a Chemistry Degree?

If you’re interested in science, then chemistry can be a great major to pursue while attending college. Classes may be challenging and lab work may be grueling at times, but once you graduate, you’ll be rewarded. A chemistry degree opens doors to a number of great careers and job opportunities, and many of them come with a pretty hefty paycheck.

Are you looking to pursue a chemistry degree during your undergraduate career? Then here are a few routes you can take upon graduation:

  • Research – Whether it’s working in a lab, conducting studies or testing new drugs, there’s always a place for great researchers in the world. Those with chemistry degrees are perfectly suited for many of these roles.
  • Medicine – A chemistry degree is a great stepping stone if you’re looking to be a dentist, doctor, nurse or other professional in the healthcare industry. Of course, you’ll have to supplement your chemistry classes with other career-specific coursework, but once you’re finished, you’ll have a long and prosperous career.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Chemistry degrees are also good foundations for pharmacists, pharmaceutical sales representatives or even pharmaceutical research and development scientists. Fortunately, almost all careers in the pharmaceutical field pay handsomely.
  • Engineering – Many students who major in chemistry go on to become very successful engineers. Biomedical engineering and chemical engineering are some of the most popular choices.
  • Teaching – Like many other degrees, a chemistry degree can also give you the foundation you need to be a teacher yourself. You can teach middle school science, lead high school lab classes or even become a college professor (if you get your master’s degree or PhD).

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